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Taste of Summer!

Taste of Summer!

We love a glass of pimms - it makes it feel like summer no matter what the weather! Here's our twist on the fabulous classic... We've made a special basket of plants, just for this purpose (not that we drink a lot *cough*)


1 part Pimms No. 1

3 parts Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade

Fresh Apple Mint Leaves

Fresh Lemon Verbena Leaves

Fresh (Wild) Strawberry Halves

Fresh Cucumber Slices

Lemon Slices


Just pop your ice in a jug and pour over the Pimms. Add your fruit and leaves to taste and top up with lemonade. Find yourself a pretty straw and a nice spot in the garden and enjoy!

If you're just not a fan of pimms (sacrilegious though it is) here's a few more summer drink recipes - so you can get your practice in while it's still spring!