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Updates and News!

Updates and News!

It’s been a busy month for us, so we thought we’d give you a bit of an update. Our most exciting news first, we’re working on a new scent - I can’t give away too much yet but our latest fragrance has been created for men and is both crisp and spicy and oh so delicious! We can’t wait to have it on the shelves, so watch this space…

In other news, we’ve got our Indian meal coming up this Friday. It’s a fabulous plate of home made lentil Dahl, and it’s one of Susan’s specialities! If you haven’t booked yet, there’s still time – book here.


We’ve also been revamping our chocolate range. Gayle’s been hard at work in the kitchen and we’ll soon have some brand new additions to the range. For those that may have missed it, her last creation was this fantastic mini-bars box in our World Flavours. Get in quick before we eat them all!

The plants are coming along nicely (they’ve even survived the brief flurry of snow) and the workshop’s been busy making more soap than anyone could possibly need…

In the happiest news so far, we’ve actually been keeping on top of the blog! Fingers crossed we might manage to keep our new year’s resolution, and get to talk to all of you a lot more.